Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WEEKEND aka Primul pas pe luna / 2009

video (1’56’’) & installation
WEEKEND aka First step on the moon is exploring the daily space and its changes on the globalization background.
Under the globalization, the Eastern contemporary space is permanently altering shape and its content after the western pattern using similar social, politic and cultural cliché. In the same time, borrowing a standardized life style and consumerism creates hybrids that take to the lost of a geographical identity. The contemporary man entertains himself in malls and mega commercial areas, living illusory into an artificial space guided by the advertising mirage.
The space we live or we consume our existence in, is transforming, slowly and subtle in to a fantastical world. The human evolution stages generally, or of a society is stocked in the collective memory and putted up to date by the individuals. After a bitter communism, the transition is creating new specie without coordinates.
When we were little we use to like and S.F. and we were incited by their whole scenography.
Today, the neighborhoods are still keeping “relics” from “the golden age”, reminding us of dreams and childhood. We are living S.F. into a transitory almost extraterrestrial space.
The countdown is starting:
10. The ball felt into the water.
09. The extermination of one or more civilizations‘s memory is the current motive of the great powers. “…This is the beginning of good friendship…!”
08. Give me your ball!
07. The neighbor from the 2nd floor is just taking the water hose out of the window to spoil our playground.
06. I lived in this house. He played with his brother every day.
05. The astronaut makes us a sign with his scarf.
04. What do you prefer: tea or coffee with milk?
03. Dear mother, I want to tell you something…
02. Her question was very polite!
01. This is so fantastic!!!

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