Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pick Up The Colour - movie & Glocal History -3 performances from I'm Going Glocal project (2006)

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or GLOCAL HISTORY performance no. 1 , D-K-I, Kecskemet, HU/I'm Going Glocal project
GLOCAL HISTORY performance no. 2 , KO.KE.M. Miercurea Ciuc, RO/I'm Going Glocal project
GLOCAL HISTORY performance no. 3 , Loading Open LAB, Bucharest, RO/I'm Going Glocal project
CONCEPT of I'm Going Glocal by Octavian Neagu(DK) & Saskia Te Nicklin(DK)

Glocal History - Concept

HISTORY : 1 . the developmental process of society's phenomenon;
2 . a science that studies (investigates) the complex development of society , a nation and so on .

The History requires : facts , attitudes , evolution , transformations(changes) , essences(substances) , effects (consequences) , attributes , transitions , (equi)valences and so on.
Scraping the History and tacking pictures of each other through the History , the 2 characters having distinct valences - one GREY and the other one MULTI COLORED- are not only approaching the identity destruction but also of identity maintenance and the consequences borne by the LOCAL History as the result of GLOBAL expansion and of turning into GLOCAL History.
At the same time , by taking photos , the 2 characters are seeking their ( new) identity , they are comparing themselves with each other , they are (self) investigating each other , and they are looking at each other through the mirror , seeking their ( equi)valences.

The HISTORY is ( re) created / WE are ( self) included .

concept : Magda Pelmus
curators: Octavian Neagu (DK) & Saskia Te Nicklin (DK)
credit : SURSA group

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Friday, August 11, 2006


It's an ironical project ,aiming to reveal social / cultural/ political issues and the mentality differences ( North<>South<>East<>West) and the alienation of the modern man in the present society of consumption.
Or about loosing the oneness's of the person in a social space who constantly creates patterns and about polluting the concept of zonal tradition encouraging the brand new global coordinates.

author: Magda Pelmush & Bogdan Pelmus/2001

author: Magda Pelmush & Bogdan Pelmus


painting/mixed media/2001


enviromnment/intervention in ruined building/2003