Friday, August 11, 2006

DETAIL - CLICHE / works & text

painting/mixed media/2006

...about pattern...
The formed plate became a commonplace. The obscure room became imprinted and is fixed.
The image exists on the film , brain or copy, later on to be serially reproduced. The DETAIL , it's been slowly, slowly, slowly sold, gradually, in small quantity , by retail.
The quantity wins THE PLAY GROUND... for NOT being able to measure the multitude of all the points equaly distanced from the same FIXED POINT.
The same space can be observed from an fixed point and seemes to be changed only because : it gives another form , aspect, behaviour (about time , space, weather) or to put another "clothes" but the other one weared by then.
The long time knowing space can be MOVED , can change its aspect , its nature, its behaviour, and so on....
The intermediary person plays the role of the negociator and the creator of the changing piece instead of the IDENTICAL piece but worn out, of the mechanism.
The recreated space in OTHER WAY , motivates itself by the juncture of the detail's existence or the reflex's ; to help the objective and universal form of the matter existence having the aspect of an 3rd dimension UNINTERUPTED whole and express the order and the real wored object's existence, THE POSITION , THE DISTANCE, THE SIZE, THE FORM or the surface of them .
The environment, in this exerts its suveranity of time or lapse of time or POSITION and INTERVAL ,can be detailed for not becoming a CLICHE.

Bogdan Pelmus/2006

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